Virus and MalWare Removal


When your computer is acting weird, being really slow, having pop-up messages or other signs of problems, the first thing we will do is keep the computer disconnected from the Internet, shut down the operating system, turn off every piece of software which can harbor a virus or malware and scan the drive with our suite of diagnostic and removal tools.

We’ll remove all traces of mal-ware (MALicious sofWARE – Viruses, spyware, trojans, root-kits, worms, etc.) from your system, update your software, install our FREE anti-malware protective suite, install our remote support software which will allow us to assist you without your computer ever leaving your house/office, remove unwanted programs and generally make sure that the operating system is up to date and operating properly.

You should be aware that removing viruses and malware can sometimes leave “holes” in your operating system.  It is like pulling weeds, what is left behind isn’t always perfect but, thankfully, 3/4 of the time everything is fine.  Unfortunately, that other 1/4 of the time some function(s) may not work properly and the problems may not show up until long after you get your computer back.  The only way to 100% guarantee that all Mal-Ware is gone from your computer and hasn’t left behind a damaged operating system is to use our OS Reload service.  In most situations, this painful option is completely un-necessary and  is only used as a last resort or by customer request.