A Windows Refresh is definitely not a relaxing day at the spa

Several of our clients have discovered (the hard way) how much damage can be done by performing a Windows Refresh in Windows 10.

When your computer has had difficulties starting up, Windows 10 may offer to perform a Windows Refresh to supposedly make all your problems go away.  The actual message says “If your PC isn’t running well, you can refresh it without losing your files” which sounds pretty good and painless…if only it could just make all of your problems go away at the push of a button.

Unfortunately, most people appear to miss or don’t understand the fine print on the next screen, which says “Apps you installed from disc or websites will be removed”.  


What apps are being talked about?  Little things like anti-virus software, Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, and Outlook, Acrobat Reader, network connections to servers, online backup programs, printer software and, sometimes, the software necessary to connect you to the Internet which you will need to download and reinstall all of the software that has just been removed.  Licensing and configuration information will probably also be gone so you may have to spend a lot of money repurchasing apps (software) if you don’t have all of the necessary installation information.  If you use Outlook for your email, all of your account information will be gone along with the details needed to connect to your email service.  Your emails, calendar and contacts might go away as well.

Microsoft’s wording for the Windows Refresh sounds kind and reassuring and doesn’t sound like anything to be concerned about.  In reality, a Windows Refresh is something to use as a NEARLY LAST RESORT.  It should be avoided if at all possible.

After performing a Windows Refresh, you’ll definitely need to be booking a day at the spa to recover your sanity while sending your system off with the computer guru A.K.A. Andrew at Mad Dog Computer.

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