Recycling Electronics


No one wants their old electronics to wind up in the landfill but how do you make sure your information is safe? Just contact Mad Dog Computer and we’ll pickup up your recyclable electronics free of charge the next time we’re in your area. 

Once we pickup your old equipment, if it contains a data storage device (like a disk or SSD), we’ll ensure that all information is destroyed before it continues to be recycled. 

We accept the following:
Computers – laptop, desktop or any other type
Printers – Ink-jet, laser, toner and ink cartridges
Flat Panel Monitors/Displays
Cell Phones, PDAs, tablets and other portable electronics

We are providing this as a free service and have limited space available in our vehicles so we do reserve the right to limit quantities, size of recycled items and reject any item which we consider inappropriate to have in our vehicle.  Also, recycled items must be free of living (or formerly living) things like insects, rodents, etc., it must be contained (not leaking or dropping materials), not be overly smelly and not be hazardous (broken glass, explosive, corrosive, etc). We do not accept TVs or CRT (old tube type) monitors.

If you are a business or other organization which requires a written certification of destruction to be provided, there is a $10 fee per certificate.

If we need to make a special trip to pick up your old equipment because you’re not easily available, need it gone NOW, need us to arrive at a specific time/date or don’t have anyplace to leave it until we arrive, there may be a fee.


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