Data Privacy Day – 10th Anniversary

Data Privacy Day is an international holiday that marked its 10th anniversary on Saturday, January 28th.  Created in 2007 by the Council of Europe, Data Privacy Day was adopted by the U.S. a few years later. This day is meant to remind people of the importance of data privacy and protection. It is hoped that this will improve our data precautions.

In honor of Data Privacy Day, we feel the most important tip to our clients is to not reply to spammers.  Replying to them only gives them more ammunition to continue spamming you.  Now they realize that there is a “live” person on the other end of that email and here comes additional spam streaming in to your email.  They also often sell your email to other spammers since it is a live email and then you get more spam  Just don’t do it!

Another important tip to follow on any day, not just Data Privacy Day is to remember anything you post on the Internet is posted forever.  What you post can come back to bite you in the behind. Potential employers, insurance carriers and others frequently look to see what you have posted on the Internet.  Avoid posting anything that might embarrass you or someone else later on. If you can’t post something nice, then you’re probably better off not posting anything at all.


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