Cerber Ransomware Talks to You

It’s called Cerber Ransomware and it is fleecing computer users as it Talks!

New Cerber ransomware does the same as other ransomware threats, in that it encrypts all of your file,s then demands a ransom payment. However, it does do something new.  After your files are encrypted, it drops three files on your computer desktop.  Two are text files and the third executes a text-to-speech code that converts the text into an audio message.  The computer will say a message that states that all of your files have been encrypted, and gives the ransom instructions. To add insult to injury, it will repeat this message several times.

In addition to all the grief it gives its victims, it is possible that this malware might spread worldwide.  The programmers behind Cerber ransomware are now selling this on a Russian forum to anyone as a turnkey malware package.  This means that any criminal can get their hands on it and they don’t need to have any computer coding skills to use it.

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