Windows 10 Myth #1 – Wi-Fi Sense

WINDOWS 10 MYTH #1: Wi-Fi Sense shares all of your Wi-Fi passwords with your Outlook contacts, Skype contacts and Facebook friends.

Windows 10 Myth #1 is absolutely UNTRUE and is a rumor that was first stared on the UK tech news site “The Register” and then went viral.  Wi-Fi Sense is actually a nifty feature that allows you to share your Wi-Fi with others without having to give them your secure network passwords.  Microsoft servers actually encrypt and store you passwords so they aren’t visible to these users.

By default, Wi-Fi Sense in Windows 10 is turned on, but you have to select which people have access and which networks are shared.  Guest users are blocked from getting into computer files and other items on your network.  Go to Settings / Network & Internet / Wi-Fi / Manage Wi-Fi Settings  and you will see that all settings are turned on by default.

Scroll down to “Manage known networks” and a list of your connected networks appears. You would have to click on one of the networks that you would like to share in order for it to be shared.  But you have further control in the “For networks I select, share them with my” section where you can specify to share with contacts, Skype contacts and Facebook friends. Uncheck the boxes you don’t want to share access with and uncheck them all to turn off Wi-Fi Sense completely.

Unfortunately, you can’t pick and choose which contacts or friends to share with, as EVERYONE who is in your selected list will get the same share access.

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