Destiny: The Taken King For XBOX One – New & Improved!

Destiny: The Taken King for Xbox One Product Review

Destiny: The Taken King is Bungie’s latest expansion pack to the popular first-person shooter Destiny, and is rated T for Teen. It adds a significant amount of new armor and weapons to the game, as well as a vast number of new abilities for the characters. The villain: Oryx, The Taken King, is a definite improvement over the villains in the previous expansion packs (Crota in The Dark Below and Skolas, The Kell of Kells in The House of Wolves), and is a much darker and more menacing foe that the player must face. It’s a must-play for any lover of First-Person Shooters, and a must have for any Destiny player.

Destiny: The Taken King for Xbox One Overall Score: 15.

On a scale of One to Ten, I would rank this as a 15, due to the significant improvements in quality to the original game and the addition of the new campaign. Enjoy yourselves, but beware The Taken King!

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