New iTunes update may kill your computer!

iTunes Update – What’s the problem with it?

In the last few days, dozens of people have called our shop complaining that they had a problem while installing a new Apple  iTunes update to their Windows based desktop, laptop or other portable.




After rebooting, clients started getting a message saying the various programs couldn’t start because “MSVCR80.dll” was having a problem.  For some of our clients, this got so bad that they couldn’t use their computer at all.


Doing a little research about this problem on the Internet revealed that tens of thousands of people who use Windows and iTunes are being impacted with this problem and there is no EASY universal solution.  iTunes seems to be mum on fixing this problem and is offering no solution to the problem with the itunes update at this time.

Why can’t I fix it myself?

Removing iTunes does not solve the problem.  Reinstalling MSVCR80.dll does not solve the problem.  Reinstalling all of Microsoft Visual C (where MSVCR80.dll comes from) does not solve the problem. Unfortunately, you will need to take your computer to an expert repair shop to get this problem corrected.

Apple software isn’t bulletproof.

I find it most ironic that Apple, the people who are supposed to make perfect software and hardware that is tremendously better than everyone else are, in this case, the ones who are doing the breaking.  Almost every day there is some biased news story saying how great Apple products are and how they don’t get viruses and are simple to use…maybe that’s because people aren’t installing flawed Apple updates that breaks their ability to use their electronic device.  I’m expecting a news story anytime now claiming how Windows crashes all the time and using this apparent sabotage of iTunes by Apple as the proof that they are right.

If your run into this problem, Mad Dog Computer is here 7 days a week to help.  Bring your computer by our shop and we’ll do whatever it takes to get you back up and running without losing any of your music or other files.


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