Looking for Laptop LCD Screen Replacement Service?

You’ve come to the right place!  Mad Dog Computer Repair and Services can take care of your laptop LCD screen replacement problem. Your LCD screen replacement will be done by professionals who do this daily for all brands of laptops and netbooks.

What are the symptoms of a broken or cracked LCD screen?

When the LCD display glass is broken any of the following may happen:  1) Lines or patterns may appear on the screen and there may be many lines or only a few lines.  2) Black “spots” may also appear. This is usually liquid crystal material spilling out of a crack. A crack may be present which causes lines to appear but no liquid crystal spots are apparent. The spots may be small or may appear later or grow larger in time.  3) The screen may be totally black; however, some sort of pattern can usually be seen if you look closely enough at the screen.

Why can’t I feel the break or crack in my LCD screen?

LCD display screens on laptop computers are made of two thin layers of glass with a dark liquid crystal material in between. The glass is covered on the outside by a layer of plastic. Clients often feel that the LCD screen can’t be a broken because they can’t feel the break in the screen.  This is due to the plastic covering rarely breaking or fracturing at the same time as the glass.  Even though you can’t feel the crack or break, you will need to have an LCD screen replacement service performed.

How do LCD screens break or crack?

Leaving your laptop in the cold and bringing it into the heat too quick can fracture it.  Laying something on the top of the laptop when it’s closed can cause breakage.  Opening the lid by lifting up on one corner only can torque the glass causing it to break.  Something accidently pushing in on the top of the laptop while in a backpack or other laptop carrier can crack it.  Dropping the laptop can cause it to break.  There are many other reasons for the LCD screen to break and need our laptop LCD screen replacement service.

How can we help with laptop LCD screen replacement?

Any cracked or broken laptop LCD screen issue can be repaired, provided that we can purchase the correct screen for your laptop. If you have experienced a cracked or broken laptop LCD screen, we can help you out with our laptop LCD screen replacement service.

All of our laptop LCD screen replacements are done in-shop without sending any of your equipment out of our shop for repair or replacement elsewhere. We only use the highest quality LCD laptop screens, so you will be sure to get an equivalent or better quality screen as a replacement.

Call Mad Dog Computer for your expert Portland computer repair at 503-922-1599. We promise to give you quality service at a price that is both competitive and reasonable! We serve the entire Portland Oregon metro area.


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