What is Java and why do I need to install a Java update?

It is critical to keep your computer software up-to-date in order to protect your computer from as much malicious software (viruses, etc.) as possible and that includes putting in Java updates.

What is Java?

Java was first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995.  It is a computer programming language and computing platform that is used by many of your computer applications and websites you visit.  Java runs in the background and is not a program that you start and use like MS Word or the built-in calculator.  If you don’t have Java installed then many websites you visit won’t work properly.   Java is running on almost everything that has some sort of computer chip or board, things such as laptops, game consoles, cell phones, cars and even refrigerators!

Why do I keep getting those annoying Java update notifications?

It is important that you install the latest Java version when the update notice first pops up in your lower right–hand corner of your screen.  These updates contain important improvements to increase performance, stability and security of the Java applications that run on your machine. Installing this free update will ensure that your Java applications continue to run safely and efficiently as intended and they typically take less than 5 minutes to install.  Without these updates, your computer will have security holes that could allow malicious software to infect your computer.

As these update notifications only pop-up when you power on or restart your computer, if you typically leave your computer turned on all the time, then we recommend that you restart your computer at least every 2 days.  Sometimes, there will be several Java updates in one week, so make sure you put them in as soon as you are notified to keep your system safe and secure.

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