Dial-Up is still thriving in America

Dial-Up is still alive?

It might surprise you to know that dial-up service is still thriving in America.  Dial-up subscribers of America Online (AOL) are literally fueling 70% of the profits for the company.  Many people still use “AOL” and “Internet” interchangeably and often times don’t know that AOL isn’t the Internet.  AOL is an Internet Service Provider that allows a subscriber to access the Internet.  Some AOL subscribers are even paying for services and features that they don’t really need because AOL is so well associated with the Internet.  This perception has helped AOL maintain its slowly diminishing dial-up and supplementary services and squeeze more profits out of subscribers. Of course many people don’t have a choice besides dial-up service for access to the Internet, especially if they live in rural areas.  We suggest checking to make sure you are paying your Internet provider, for instance AOL, for what you actually need or use.  Feel free to contact Mad Dog Computer and we can help with your Internet transition.

Original post by Rick Burgess on February 8, 2013, 5:30 PM EST < http://www.techspot.com/news/51589-aol-dial-up-users-account-for-70-of-profit-posts-first-gains-in-8-years.html>

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