Kinect Joy Ride for Xbox 360 – Driving 55… and over!!

Kinect Joy Ride for Xbox 360 Product Review

This game is rated E for Everyone, all ages.

I thought that Kinect Joy Ride was one of the most entertaining video games I’ve ever played. It uses the Kinect technology developed by Microsoft for the Xbox 360. In Kinect games you use your body as the remote. It provides you with a substantial amount of exercise and entertainment. In this game you can paint and change your own car and upgrade it as you gain fans. It has five game modes, Race, Stunt, Smash, Dash, and Trick. In stunt mode, you use your body as the remote and drive up ramps and lean in different directions to do tricks in the air and gain more points. Kinect Joy Ride can handle up to four players and would be a great game for any family to enjoy playing. I liked the fact that you could race in your own car and pull off incredible jumps and spectacular stunts. I don’t think that I disliked anything about this game.

Kinect Joy Ride for Xbox 360 Overall Score: 11!

On a scale of one to ten, with Ten being the best and One being the worst, I would have to rate Kinect Joy Ride as an 11, due to the amount of exercise you get and the amount of fun you experience.

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