Recent McAfee Update Cripples Computers

McAfee Update Cripples many users needlessly!

McAfee Inc. apologized late Thursday, April 23, 2010 for crippling thousands of customers’ computers with a flawed update the day before. To many of the computer users who run McAfee, the apology was too little, too late.

Computers running Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) were crippled after receiving a faulty antivirus update from the security firm.  The computers repeatedly crashed and rebooted and lost their network connections. Since the computers couldn’t connect to their network, support technicians were unable to send a “fix” to all the computers at the same time. This forced them to work on downed computers individually, thus dragging out the time required to get their machines up and running again.According to McAfee, only machines running VirusScan 8.7 were affected. Others were not affected by the update fiasco.The flawed update managed to get through McAfee’s quality assurance (QA) testing because they had recently made a change to their QA environment, which allowed the faulty portion of the update to make it’s way onto McAfee’s customer systems.

McAfee has made available a semi-automated tool, dubbed “SuperDAT Remediation Tool,” that’s designed to restore a corrupted computer. SuperDAT for corporations and business users can be downloaded using this link:

SuperDAT for home or consumer users can be downloaded using this link:

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